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The Coventry Blitz

What Was The City Like After The Blitz?

What Was It Like?
Why Did This Happen To Coventry?
How Did The People Get Through It?
What Was The City Like After The Blitz?
Pictures Of The Coventry Blitz
How Did Coventry Recover?
How Much Money Was Lost Afterwards?
A Map Of Coventry 1940
Links To Other Coventry Blitz Websites

The city was like.....

The city was like a bomb site, a scene of devastation, no factories standing and alot of dead bodies, a few things were also burnt from the gas pipes which were snapped or things blowing up by gas aswell. Because gas and water pipes where smashed up people had to boil emergency water. The streets where full of rubble the had to get lots and lots or troops to clear the streets or rubble and dead bodys.  

The tranport was limted as the trams system was destroyed and out of 181 bus only 73 where left, and every one had to walk which was harde as they had to walk over dead bodys and rubble.

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