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The Coventry Blitz

Why Did This Happen To Coventry?
What Was It Like?
Why Did This Happen To Coventry?
How Did The People Get Through It?
What Was The City Like After The Blitz?
Pictures Of The Coventry Blitz
How Did Coventry Recover?
How Much Money Was Lost Afterwards?
A Map Of Coventry 1940
Links To Other Coventry Blitz Websites

The Germans targeted coventry because.....

Coventry was industrialized and made weapons and machines for all over Britain when the country was fighting in World War II. Germany targeted Coventry so Britain would not have the upper hand, and Germany would.
That was only one reason, the Germans also targeted Coventry because on the 8th of November 1940, the RAF bombed Munich which was where the Nazi party was created. That's when Hitler wanted revenge, so he gathered together around 500 bombers to go to Coventry, to get even with Britain for attacking Munich.

This ended in disaster because it left over 544 people dead and 865 people were seriously injured.
Over 4,330 people were made homeless.
More than 30,000 bombs and 500 tons of high explosives were used and it was literally non-stop for 11 hours.
The bombs also hit 50 landmines, 20 oil-mines, all of the cities water and gas pipes and were completely destroyed.
The Germans called all of that distruction-conventrated.

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