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The Coventry Blitz

How Did The People Get Through It?

What Was It Like?
Why Did This Happen To Coventry?
How Did The People Get Through It?
What Was The City Like After The Blitz?
Pictures Of The Coventry Blitz
How Did Coventry Recover?
How Much Money Was Lost Afterwards?
A Map Of Coventry 1940
Links To Other Coventry Blitz Websites

The People Of Coventry Got Through The Blitz By.....

People got through it ok, some people could hardly move and not willing to leave the airaid shelter for safety. Many people live in the train station or a anderson shelter, as there homes had been bombed or they do not want to go home. Some people just carried on with their normal lives, pretending nothing had ever happened, so e.g. some people carried on with their job normal times, just so they can get some extra rations or money.

Most people put a high spirit on, to stop their children or any member of their family getting worried or scared even though they were scared already due to the bombings and the loud sirens.

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