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The Coventry Blitz

What Was It Like?

What Was It Like?
Why Did This Happen To Coventry?
How Did The People Get Through It?
What Was The City Like After The Blitz?
Pictures Of The Coventry Blitz
How Did Coventry Recover?
How Much Money Was Lost Afterwards?
A Map Of Coventry 1940
Links To Other Coventry Blitz Websites

When The Blitz Struct Coventry

Coventry was in a terrible state after the Blitz, and so were all of the people living there. Most people thought that they were going to die, a few did, but many people survived it.

Thousands upon thousands of people became homeless for a long time, and thought that they would never settle into a house ever again. It was a long time before houses were rebuilt because the roads and house foundations were blown up and had to be re-tarmacced, so the house would not be one-sided.
Some people went hungry because the shops and supermarkets that supplied people with food had been blown to smitherines, but people were provided with food rations, which was not a lot, but just enough for one each person to live on.



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